Grants & Scholarships

Community Grants Fund

The Community Foundation of West Chester/Liberty’s Grants Committee and Board of Directors reviews and awards grants quarterly. Funding is available through the Foundation’s unrestricted grant fund, as well as a variety of field of interests funds designed to honor donors' charitable giving interests.

The Foundation makes grants to non-profit organizations working in the following areas:

  • Arts and Culture
  • Civic Life and Community
  • Education and Scholarship
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Health and Human Services
  • Disaster Relief

The Community Foundation favors proposals that:

  • Are likely to make a substantial difference in the quality of community life.
  • Strengthen families and communities.
  • Facilitate collaboration among relevant groups and organizations with emphasis on regional cooperation within the community.
  • Expand meaningful civic engagement and build social capital, helping to bridge differences and pursue common interests.
  • Extend nonprofit organization’s reach into the community through effective use of volunteers
  • Assist nonprofit organizations in building their capacity and becoming more effective
  • Include financial and other strategic commitments from other funding organizations

Grant Application

2015 Community Foundation Grants

Grant Application Deadline Date

Notification Date

March 17th      

July 14th  

October 13th 

May 2017

September 2017

December 2017


Applicants must be tax-exempt, as defined by the Internal Revenue Code. In addition, applicants must serve the West Chester/Liberty Township area. Organizations may apply for one grant within a 12 month period. Multiple applications from one organization will not be accepted in the same year.

The Community Foundation of West Chester/Liberty promotes diversity, equality, and a community free from discrimination based on race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic or religious background.


For additional information about applying for funding through the Community Foundation please contact Erin Clemons, VP of Development and Donor Services - or call (513)874-5450.