Planned Giving

Donors can make a planned gift to the Community Foundation of West Chester/Liberty by including the Foundation in their estate planning. Planned gifts allow you to maximize your tax benefits while supporting the issues and organizations you care about for many generations to come.


Including a charitable bequest in your will is a simple way to make a lasting gift to your community. When you make this type of gift through the Foundation, we can establish a fund that will be managed by your heirs or overseen by the Foundation. Your gift can be endowed so that it benefits the community forever and becomes your personal legacy of giving.

Suggested language:

“I give & bequeath an unrestricted, unconditional gift of $_____or _____% of my estate to The Community Foundation of West Chester/Liberty, West Chester, OH or its lawful successor to establish the (your name or family name) fund.”

Charitable Lead Trust

A Charitable Lead Trust (CLT) is the reverse of the Charitable Remainder Trust. The Trust distributes income to a charity for a period of years or throughout your lifetime with the assets returning to you, or more typically, to family members. The CLT allows you to make a significant gift to charity and transfer assets to family members with reduced or no gift and estate taxes.

Life Insurance Policy/Retirement Plan

At death, balances in individual retirement accounts and retirement plans are included when figuring estate and income taxes to your beneficiaries -- often up to 85%. Funding a charitable bequest with an IRA or retirement plan prevents the bequest from becoming a liability of your estate, and the gift is made with pre-tax dollars.

Community Foundation Giving Guide



Contact Erin Clemons, president & CEO, for more information about establishing your planned gift. or call  (513) 682-8062