The Community Foundation of West Chester/Liberty began around a kitchen table, created by a group of civic-minded individuals with a common goal. They have come to be known as the Kitchen Table Board, and their intent was to create an organization to benefit West Chester and Liberty Township, establish a sense of place within these two growing communities and improve the quality of life for those who called West Chester/Liberty home. 

Initial funds came from the group's first fundraising event in 1994 to benefit the American Cancer Society. The Key Event, a cocktail/dinner party held at several homes in the area raised more than $11,000. After three years of successful fundraising by the Key Event, the Kitchen Table Board decided to focus on the needs of the West Chester/Liberty community, instead of raising dollars for outside organizations. In the next two years, the Key Event raised more than $45,000 for Reach Out Lakota. Then in 1999, based on the expanding needs of these two communities, the Community Foundation of West Chester/Liberty was established.


To encourage, support, and facilitate philanthropy and improve the quality of life in West Chester & Liberty Township.


The Community Foundation of West Chester/Liberty serves as a leader and resource for philanthropy; builds a growing endowment for the community's changing needs; provides flexible and cost-effective ways for donors to improve their community now and into the future; promotes collaboration among local funding organizations and service providers to address community needs; and, makes grant and provides counsel and assistance that will have a significant impact upon the residents of West Chester and Liberty Township.