Starting a Fund

There are a host of options available to your clients to help them fulfill their philanthropic goals -- and the future philanthropic goals of their family.  Funds can be general or specific, depending on your clients interests. Whether clients want to focus contributions on a specific charity or would rather help several different causes, The Community Foundation has a fund to meet their needs.  Funds can be named in honor of your client, their spouse, a family member or company.  It's even possible to give anonymously -- the Foundation will simply act on your client’s behalf. 
Creating a fund is easy and our staff is available to guide you  through every step of the process.  The size of your fund, whether large or small, doesn't matter.  Funds are combined and invested for the best possible investment return. It is easy to create your own fund:

  1. First, decide how you would like to make the contribution to establish the fund. You can contribute cash, securities, or other property. See Ways to Give.
  2. Select a name for your fund. You might want to use your own name, the name of a family member or one you invent. 
  3. Determine the type of fund you wish to establish (Click here to see descriptions of each fund type):
    • Donor Advised
    • Field of Interest
    • Scholarship
    • Designated
    • Unrestricted
    • Memorials/In Honor of
  1. Receive a tax deduction at the time the fund is established and when additional contributions are made to the fund. 

Once your fund is established, you may:

  • Add to the fund at any time in any dollar amount. See Ways to Give.
  • Once your fund has been approved for distributions, funds can be awarded to charities, locally or throughout the United States.
  • Specify how grant disbursements are to be acknowledged – whether in the name of the fund or anonymously.