GIVEHOPE Pancreatic Cancer Research & Awareness Fund in Honor of:


Bethany Sininger Flege, Bryan Speicher, Joyce Schwettman Ogden, Phyllis A Conner Parry, and Kathy Ruthman Neff


GIVEHOPE is an all-volunteer organization supporting local cancer patients, their families and local researchers.  The funds are held at the Community Foundation West Chester Liberty with 25% of all donations endowed for future research.  In our first 3 years in conjunction with our corporate partner BSI Engineering over $100,000 has been raised for pancreatic cancer research and awareness.


The GIVEHOPE Fund was founded in December of 2010 to raise funds to benefit Pancreatic Cancer Research, Education, Prevention, and Awareness Programs with preference given to the Greater Cincinnati area. In addition to supporting cancer research, funds may be used to increase community awareness; The 5 year survival rate for pancreatic cancer currently is 6%, unchanged for 30 years.


It is the goal that progress can be made to reduce the fatality rate for pancreatic cancer one of the top 4 causes of cancer deaths (breast, lung, & colon the others). The fight against pancreatic cancer continues to be an uphill battle (The National Cancer institute spent 6 times more money on breast cancer research and 3 times more money on lung & colon cancer research) but progress is being made.


In the first year GIVEHOPE in conjunction with BSI Engineering awarded $21,100 to the UC Pancreas Disease Team for their research project “Alternatively Spliced Tissue Factor a Novel Biomarker”.  Dr. Bogdonov then received a $300,000 grant from National Institute of Health to continue his research.  Only 7% of all grants across all medical fields receive NIH funding. Part of our second grant of $30,000 was used to host the 9th UC Pancreatic Cancer Symposium to educate doctors and nurses about the latest in pancreatic cancer research, symptoms, and treatment options.  Our third grant in November 2013 of $35,000 has received 3 requests for funding from the University of Cincinnati and the recipient of this grant will be announced in June 2014.  A total of $18,000 has been endowed at the Community Foundation to support future research and awareness programs.  In March 2014 GIVEHOPE donated an infusion chair to UC Barrett Cancer Center Rooms that Rock makeover.


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