Board of Directors/Advisory Board

The Board of Directors is made up of local leaders who govern The Community Foundation. The Board establishes policy, sets priorities and makes final decisions to authorize all grant awards. All members are volunteers who serve one to three-year terms and reside and or work in the West Chester or Liberty area. Offering a wide range of experience, knowledge and leadership, the Board meets regularly to conduct the business of the Foundation.

Board of Directors Advisory Board
Dan Benhase, Chair
Jonathan Theders, Vice Chair
Craig Hudson, Treasurer
Susan Morgan, Secretary

Kelly Bramel
Sandy Brueshaber
Tom Daskalakis
Marty Davis
Catherine Evans
Helen Fanz LeVay
Bob Hutsenpiller
Tim Kelly
Keith Kline
Shellie Leder
Donna Leslie
Gail Jackson Miller
Ian Murray
Karen Rolcik
Loren Schramm
Bill Schumacker
Tim Sheeran
Greg Stamp
Julie White
Tom Zenge
Dan Zieverink
Kristen Bitonte
Judith Boyko
Dave Bruno
Richard Flynn
Brenda Frazier
Frederic Holzberger
Chetna Mital
Dan Orner
Rick Prinz
Kathy Rambo
Nancy Terry
Rebecca Wilber

Grants Committee
Chair – Marty Davis
Chris Cartledge
Mary Haglage
Debbie Jones
Tim Kelly
Pam Krieger
Lew Ann Lawhorn
Michael Zimmer
Education and Scholarship Committee
Chair– Sandy Brueshaber
Brent Arter
Mary Haglage
Keith Kline
Donna Leslie
Kathy Maurer
Denise Renneker
Kathy Winterman, PhD
Melinda Zemper
Strategic Planning Committee

Bob Hutsenpiller - Community Assistance

Jonathan Theders - Mission/Vision

Sandy Brueshaber - Governance

Ian Murray - PR/Marketing

Craig Hudson - Finance

Patti Alderson - Development

Karen Rolcik - Planned Giving

Governance Committee
Sandy Brueshaber, Chair
Patti Alderson
Jonathan Theders
Craig Hudson
Susan Morgan
Investment Committee
Chair - John Shaffner
Patti Alderson
Kelly Bramel
Karen Carnahan
Daryl Demo
Vince Hall
Craig Hudson
Ron Rosenbeck
Tim Sheeran
Greg Stamp
Tom Zenge
Audit Committee
Helen Fanz LeVay, Chair
Richard Flynn
Brenda Frazier
Tim Sheeran
Budget Committee
Jonathan Theders, Chair
Patti Alderson
Craig Hudson
Tim Kelly
Greg Stamp

Board Policies

Privacy Policy
Whistleblower Policy
Investment Policy